diving into the BLUE 
a trip into sadness 
a return of relief 
as wide as the oceans 
covered with sky 
as tight as the coat of Lidl´s cashier 
and disturbing enough. 
the state to drown into 
the mood of depression 
the attractive unknown. 
out of the BLUE comes the news 
rarely a good one 
into the BLUE we speak out 
worse than it all - 
the lack of BLUE 
a missing link 
we can hardly endure.

but in times of plenty 
missing feels good.


soundtrack, composition, voice by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, 06/2015 released on



music for the dead

god is in trouble
death lost its threat
sleep´s brother a sissy
to keep its disciples
under control

god is in trouble
his heaven no challenge
heaven and hell
two of the same kind
as promised land

god is in trouble
since that one day
when light and dark
became one


poem contributed to the album "Music for the Dead" by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

released 12/2014 o


Children of the Cartels


If children be our hope, then hope dies first, not last. While searching for 43 hopefully still alive, we find a mass grave of others, long forgotten. If naivety is the childhood´s nature, our offspring grows old before ever growing up. Though innocence ensures protection, we drown it in body bags. The weakness of tenuous bones and necks is hardened by the weight of our coal mine´s harvest.

Born into an already bruised life, these American Beauties, whose feet belong to their master and only their shoes belong to them, are murdered onstage by the most dangerous animal in the zoo: their own mother or dad, if they are not fleeing on the road to Baghdad leaving any dream variations behind…

Earth too was a fragile creature. Born as a planetesimal, it became a solid object arising through internal strength. So hope dies last. Not first.



poem contributed to the album "Children of the Cartels" by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, released 10/2014 on